Skilled Hire is a Staffing powerhouse that helps customers fill critical positions by providing fully integrated manpower services for Permanent, Contract to Hire and Temporary Staff to Federal and Commercial customers. Focused on providing result oriented Recruitment services to small businesses in the Federal Market-space combined with industry expertise and proven search methodology; uniquely positions us to understand the challenges and concerns of our small businesses in a way few others can.

Do you know “An average hiring mistake costs 10 times an employee’s salary in hard costs and productivity loss In tune with the challenges of recruiting talented and dedicated staff for your open positions, Skilled Hire’s mission is to provide you the Best and the brightest talent – When you need, where you need it. We understand that finding the right person goes way beyond executing skills match.  It’s about hunting that Perfect Picture with the right mix of competence in their specialty that will fit in and adequately represent your organization and culture.

With unique insights into the industry’s best practices and the wealth of connections driven to accomplish your hiring objectives, Skilled Hire’s well equipped to offer you a unique value proposition specially designed to help you Win the War for Talent, every single time.

AI touch in Recruiting! Skilled Hire’s coming up with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based staffing software solution that will automate the Recruiting process and help Businesses build a world-class team faster than ever. This AI based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Can Find, Screen and Communicate with Candidates – It will help identify job seeker’s skills and experience required for a job and simplify the process of skills–matching & comparative analysis, manage scheduling & communications and measure the overall effectiveness of the Recruitment process. Reducing the time Recruiters spend on Screening & Evaluation by 35% and improving efficiency by multiple times.

Today, HR and recruiting professionals are asked to do more with less at an impossibly fast pace. To meet the demands of both the talent market and their own organizations, its time talent teams incorporate AI into their sourcing processes. There are many ways our ATS will be beneficial to the overall Recruitment process, following are some of the primary areas our AI based ATS play a part –

  • Smart Resume Evaluation
    Beside, Resume parsing and candidate filtering, Skilled Hire’s AI will help improve the way that these functions work. Our ATS will help the system to understand the concept that the recruiter is looking for so that candidates who have simply used different wording aren’t overlooked.
  • Scheduling & Communication
    It will help with interview scheduling & communication. Scans emails from applicants and responds to those emails using language that feels warm and human, saving recruiters valuable time and preventing scheduling mishaps.
    In addition to scheduling interviews, it will respond to candidates that have applied. A shorter wait time for communication regarding a job can greatly improve a candidate’s experience.
  • Sourcing & Its Effectiveness
    Source candidates! Yes, our ATS can be set up to automatically to post jobs to certain job boards and Networking platforms. Second, it will evaluate the effectiveness of different sources, reviewing data and reporting things like employee turnover, employee retention etc. from each source and the number of qualified candidates that applied as a result of specific postings. 
  • Eliminate Bias
    While factors like, shared interests, hobbies, and demographic backgrounds etc imply nothing about a candidate’s ability to perform a job, they can unduly influence the hiring process.57% percent of recruiters view implicit bias as a significant problem, Our AI sourcing solution will help remove this issue that plague recruiting. It uses algorithms to identify possible candidates based on how well they meet the job criteria — not based on irrelevant social cues. This opens the door to many qualified candidates who may have been screened out due to implicit biases in the past.


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Skilled Hire is an invaluable partner! Skilled Hire’s exceptional service and professionalism is incredibly helpful.

Mamta has a deep knowledge of staffing and works with a wide network of well-qualified individuals across a range of job disciplines. Her efficient strategy line up significantly improved our time-to-hire on several time-sensitive key requirements in the past. What I value the most is that she always listens to hiring needs carefully and treats each of them as unique!

Having known Mamta for a decade, I’ve seen her evolve as an accomplished Recruiting Professional. With her leading this initiative, I would highly recommend Skilled Hire for any Staffing partnership or venture. I’m sure her efficiency will help other companies find great talent and candidates find great jobs!

Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala
Executive Director, Wockhardt Ltd.

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